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7ssmart 150x150 Free Smokless Cigarette smokeless cigarette 7-Smart – This superstore offers everything you could possibly need from starters kits to refills in a No-BS style. 7-Smart is definitely the choice if you want options between colors, packages, different types of eCigs, flavors, chargers, liquids and everything else can be found here. Take a look to find what you’re looking for.
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Are Electric Cigarettes Better Than Tobacco?

im 18 ive smoked weed for almost 3 years, everyday unless i was out.
the start of 2013 i decided to stop weed, as i noticed it was not being as positive on me as it was and my confidence and my social skills where being degraded alot, me being a quite person anyway the weed made me further. my head started feeling clouded and just messed up, heavy pressure in my head, and just zoned out, but the weed wasn’t addictive i didn’t get any cravings but their where these negative effects, i noticed at the end of the year, so decided to stop, ill see how long that takes.
ive got weed left havent even craved any at all. the first two days i stopped smoking weed, i had terrible vivid dreams which i couldn’t go back to bed, they where that bad.
anyway ive been smoking tobacco, it helped me as its a stimulant and just helps me more energetic and talkative and alert, it helped forget about weed and ive basically got bored of weed. but im now worried of doing tobacco because of the tar and cancer, so i switched to e ciggs, ive felt very good, just top up when ever i want, just feel normal like i did before weed or when i take a coffee. i have mild depression aand ive heard nicotine helps people with mental illness cope with their illness, even schizophrenics, and even makes you more alert.
so i wondering despite nicotine being addictive, is their any other ill effects from these e cigarettes?
also get no buzzing effect from e ciggs whiich i do from tobbaco which i quiet enjoy, but i get none from eciggs is that normal, i thought nicotie cause this, or was that the cause from all the junk in the tobbaco?

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Why Do Cons Criticize Safety And Environmental Regulations Yet They Can Tell Me What I Can Or Can’t Smoke?

Food safety – communist
Environmental regulations – communist
Building inspections – communist
Toy safety regulations – communist
Taking guns away from law abiding suburban citizens – communist
Chasing after people for being Christian – communist
Chasing after people for being anti-government Republicans – Communist
Controlling what I see on TV – that’s fine
Controlling what I smoke in my own home – that’s fine
Controlling what a women does to her body – that’s fine
Taking guns away from Law abiding minorities in the inner city – that’s fine.
Chasing after people for being non-christians – that’s fine
Chasing after people for being anti-government Liberals – that’s fine
You guys aren’t exactly the party of “staying out of people’s” business either.

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What Are My Chances Of Becoming An Raf Pilot?

Second time i’ve asked this question but the first time my additional information didn’t upload.
I’ll be honest i’m not an A grade student. My gcse’s were mainly C’s with B’s in science and maths. I also have a level 2 apprenticeship in car mechanics. I’m currently in the last year of my A levels and hope to apply to the RAF september 2013 when my results come through. I’m taking maths, business and ICT. I’m expecting three C’s in this maybe a B in maths with a bit of luck.
I’ve also been in the Territorial Army. I passed my basic NCO training. With the pre selection i’ve done in the ta, i hope it will give me the upper hand with the selection tests such as team building exercises and staying at an raf base for 5 days in selection, as i am used to the concept of staying in military bases. I left the TA because i felt bullied by the Regulars during my bravo training. I don’t know whether this will affect my application. I told my CO that the army wasn’t for me when i left.
In terms of fitness i would say i was athletic, i’m up 6am 6days a week for 2 hours training before college. Usually an hour cardio and an hour of strength and conditioning, press ups and sit ups etc. i do unfortunately smoke, i don’t know whether a pilot is allowed to smoke but will happily quite if it is not allowed.
My great grandad was an RAF pilot as an officer, i heard all the stories about it when i was younger and wanted to be an RAF pilot ever since.
I’m about 5 foot 9, 10 and a half stone, perfect eye site and i’m not colour blind in any way. I did however have hay fever but haven’t had any allergic reactions the past few years. I’ve past my medical to get into the TA. They took my blood and everything came back fine so i assume i have no other medical problems.
I really want to be a pilot but hearing rumours of straight A grade students being delisted, i’m not sure of my chances.
Cheers any information will be much appreciated.

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How To Get Rid Of Texas Tenant Placing Property In Imminent Danger?

I have a troublemaking tenant in a share house who did not get along with anyone, and has violated 11 tenets of her lease. Over the past month, my heating broke, and not having enough time to fix it before I had to fly up to CT (7-10 days to get the part), I made sure there was plenty of extra portable heating. I had once heated the whole property for a whole winter on portable units, so I know it is more than adequate.
Since this tenant’s lease was ending 1/15, I gave her notice on 12/15 that I would not be renewing — so she went off on me, made my holiday a living he*. When I got back, I noted she had tried to make all the electric circuits break by plugging in too many heaters into a single circuit at once (the property is less than ten years old, thus up to modern standards of electric capacity). She managed to break two circuits, but three or four more were still working in the main space.
She deliberately chose NOT to run the heaters, I suppose to make the other tenants miserable and I guess chase them out. I got home last night, noticed she had placed many of the heaters, even the ones meant for the bedrooms in the main living space and not one of them was plugged in even though there were plenty of good circuits available. I turned on the heat and went to bed.
She came home, played the tv loud til 4 am, then went to bed. I got up at 8 am and noted that she had AGAIN pulled out all the heater plugs from the wall (I photograph and document everything, and have bought a portable recorder, as well as keeping her incriminating text messages to me during my holiday).
I plugged some heaters back in and began to photograph the mess she had made of the property while I was gone.
What really scared me to the bone though was when I saw a bag of trash on the deck outside, and a turned over bottle of lighter fluid, with the cap open, lying against the wall of the house. Of course, mere feet away, she smokes and strews her cigarette butts all over the deck. Worse yet, she is often somewhat drunk.
I was next going to go through the normal eviction process since when she found out she was not getting her lease renewed, she TEXTED me to give her her deposit back while she decides how much longer she stays. I am now thinking I need to get her out IMMEDIATELY — while what she did was not technically illegal, it does represent an imminent threat to the integrity of the property. I do not know how much, if any liquid was spread out of this lighter fluid before she left the container there and if it seeped under the deck, or into the concrete, for instance.
I photographed everything and am waiting for tomorrow to go to the landlord attorney or call my other attorney, who also rents properties herself — to find out my options.
What might be the proper remedy? This is in Austin, Texas.

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Smoking Weed/marijuana Question?

So, smoking pot I have a couple questions here they go. But please read this before answering my questions. I smoke cigarettes and.thinking pot is a.great alternative. So I,know inhale and stuff already
1) How long does the high feel like for smoking about half a gram
2) What are the stages like when you,get the munchies etc.
3) Could I cut a.cigarette filter off and take the tobacco out and put weed in it for a high or to smoke it?
BTW I have my Colorado medical marijuana license for depression.

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