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A Smokless Cigarette is cleaner than regular cigarettes, do not stink, will not ruin your clothes or burn holes in your furniture. They do not contain the by-products of regular tobacco (the kind that KILL you), and CAN BE SMOKED IN MOST PLACES THAT DO NOT ALLOW TRADITIONAL SMOKING. No more standing outside in the dead of winter smoking, no more smelling like you rolled around in an ashtray. Overall, they can save you money, your health, and time. I strongly urge you to try them out, what do you have to lose?

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victory Victory – Start off with a FREE starter kit! You’ve wanted to quick smoking, well there’s no more excuses. Here’s your golden ticket with Victory. This FREE starter kit will get you going on the road to a smokeless life. No more yellow teeth, musty smell, second hand smoke for your children, or even the high expense of smoking.

Esmoking Cigarettes and Supplies:

lux Lux- Lux lets one smoke anywhere without the offensive odor of traditional cigarettes. This makes it so one can always get a nicotine fix with no tobacco, no tar and no toxic chemicals or harm others.
7smart 7-Smart – This superstore offers everything you could possibly need from starters kits to refills in a No-BS style. 7-Smart is definitely the choice if you want options between colors, packages, different types of eCigs, flavors, chargers, liquids and everything else can be found here. Take a look to find what you’re looking for.
puresmoke Puresmoke- Discover the satisfaction of a smoke-free, tar-free, leak-proof alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes. PureSmoke e-cigs do not contain tar or carcinogenic substances so it’s safe for the environment. Our Full Flavor and Menthol Flavor cartridges are offered in 4 nicotine strengths: High, Medium, Low, Zero.
cigarti Cigarti- We are proud to offer the only electronic cigarette on the market that is completely customizable. Cigarti electronic cigarettes have the look and feel of classic cigarettes, yet do not contain any of the dangerous cancer causing agents that traditional tobacco cigarettes do. Cigarti users inhale clean water vapor and nicotine – without tobacco, tar, and carcinogens.
Smoke Assist Smoke Assist- Smoke Assist™ is an exciting alternative. You may now satisfy your oral fixation with our water vapor device. Smoke Assist™ – Featuring realistic tobacco flavor, look and feel. No more smoke smell on your clothes, in your home or work.
Envycig Envycigs- With the price of traditional cigarettes climbing every year, health related costs mounting, and the ever shrinking number of places in which you can legally smoke, it is time to enjoy a new day. Remember when you could smoke anywhere you wanted? Remember when a pack of cigarettes only cost you $2.50 or less? Today is the day when the technology of the future meets the affordability and convenience of the past.
smokelessdelight smokelessdelite- Smokelessdelite has three different starter packages to choose from making the Smokelessdelite Free Ecigarette perfect for any budget. Stater kits include low, medium or high nicotine cartridges, so one can easily transition to the Free Ecigarette without experiencing withdraws from traditional cigarettes.
CheapElectronic Smoketip- The Smoke Tip Free Ecigarette comes in a variety of flavors, such as Almond • Apple • Cherry • Chocolate
Clove • Coffee • Peach • Strawberry • Vanilla. The “Eazy Drag”system offers an effortless Free Ecigarette smoking experience.
v2cigs- V2 has a breakthrough 2-piece design that was developed to correct the problems commonly experienced with the early 3-piece Free Ecigarette models. The Fresh seal feature on the flavor cartridges of the Free Ecigarette gives a pleasant E smoking experience.
Volcano- Volcano features a disposable menthol or regular tobacco Free Ecigarette along with their starter kits that range from mini Free Ecigarettes to a larger size. Also available, Volcano Vapor Cafe Coffee, an exclusive blend that compliments the Volcano Free Ecigarette wonderfully.
Smoke 51 Ecigarettes and Supplies! Smoke 51 Ecigarettes and Supplies-Vapor Corp. proudly introduces the 51™ Free ECigarette. Using advanced technology, the 51™ Free Ecigarette allows one the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere sans the flame, ash, tar, or carbon monoxide found in traditional tobacco cigarettes.

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Tweet – Smoking Cigarettes

“Smoking Cigarettes”

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You’re the only one

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Ecigarettes: Parts of an Ecig

E-cigarettes: Parts of an Ecig

If you were a smoker and someone told you about electronic cigarettes (or e-cigs), you would, in my opinion need to know at least three basic facts:

What does an e-cig look like?

Does it burn like traditional cigarettes?

How much does it cost?

I decided to tell you about e-cigarettes today because I am an avid user. So let us begin.

The E-cig’s History

The electric cigarette originated in 2003 but only started becoming popular in the year 2007. Then and today, China leads the market in the item’s production and marketing. An important point is to be noted here; initially, electronic cigarettes were marketed as a device used to aid the quitting of smoking regular cigarettes, but users could never appreciate it as an alternative. Today however, the e-cig has developed many fold and it can serve as a perfect alternative to smoking. We will cover how they are able to achieve that just a little bit further.

The Look Of The Electronic Cigarette

Well it looks almost exactly like a regular cigarette. It has five parts:

LED light – lightens up in orange color when in use to simulate the light of a cigarette
Battery – the longest part of the e-cig
Atomizer – the heating element
Cartridge – the  mouthpiece; also contains the flavor

Put all these together and you will get an electric device that looks and feels exactly like any normal nicotine cigarette that you or I smoke.

The Smoke Of The Electronic Cigarette

Yes the electronic cig smokes like a cigarette also! When you inhale at the mouthpiece, there are two things that occur; 1.) air around the e-cig flows into it, and 2.) the battery powers the atomizer (heating element). The heating element vaporizes the nicotine-filled liquid (inside the mouthpiece) and the flowing air takes the beautifully flavored, nicotine enriched smoke into your lungs.

So there are the looks of the e-cig including the smoke cloud, and the nicotine hit without any combustion, keeping you safe from all the tar and all the excesses which smoking a regular cigarette exposes you to.

The Recurring Expenses Of The E-Cig

Well, how much does an e-cig cost? First, let us talk about the 2 recurring costs of the electric cigarette. The atomizer and the cartridge will run out and need to be replaced of refilled. Each electric cigarette lasts up to one month, depending on usage of-course.

Safety Concerns & Conclusion

Talking about safety would be very lengthy and should look up Wikipedia to learn about it. But to tell you the truth, considering that tobacco is one of the leading causes of heart disease and death in the world, an electronic cigarette (if it delivers the right nicotine hit) was, is and will always be the better smoking option.

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Portable Vaporizers Take Vaping on the Run

Portable Vaporizers Take Vaping on the Run

The dangers of smoking are legendary. The tar content of the smoke clogs the lungs. The residual chemicals released while burning the tobacco are noxious. Smokeless tobacco, or chewing tobacco, is bad for the mouth. It causes oral tumors, dental discoloration and poor oral health, generally. The best way to enjoy an herbal blend is with a vaporizer.

While standard smoking uses combustion to heat and release the active ingredients in the herb, a vaporizer doesn’t ignite the herb — it boils it. Vaporizing, or vaping, heats the herb until the active ingredients are released, but no further. There is no smoke because the herb never reaches the flash point. No smoke means no carcinogens or ash, no tar or carbon monoxide, and no other noxious gases. And, because there is no fire, the vapors are pleasantly warm and not hot enough to hurt the throat or lungs like smoking can.

Vaporizers also are a more effective, economical way to enjoy your favorite blend. Smoking burns up a fair share of the active ingredients in the herb up to 40%. It also makes the blend taste like smoke. Vaporizing keeps it real. The real flavor of the blend comes through when it’s vaporized.

Up until recently, the only problem with vaporizers is that they lacked portability. It’s easy to light up a cigarette or pipe, but a vaporizer needs alternating current. Not everybody has a vaporizer, so bring your own vape. Given the various logistical inconveniences, vaporizing on the run can be a nuisance, problematic, or even impossible.

The answer is battery-powered. It gets hot in three to five minutes and it heats for two hours on a single charge. It fits in your pocket. The answer is the portable vaporizer.

These vaporizers can be as large as a cigar box or as small as a TV remote control. They go with you to the party, to the beach or even to the mountains. If you prefer vaping to smoking, it’s easy enough to take your portable vaporizer with you.

The iolite is a palm-sized, mid-priced unit with a stainless steel mouthpiece. It is butane powered, with a flameless gas catalytic heater and digital thermostat. It weighs about as much as a cell phone, almost 3 ounces. The spent butane is expelled as water vapor, giving you pure vapor with no tars or smoke. It retains a heat of nearly 375 degrees and can heat for 2 hours on a charge.

The Vapir uses refillable herb disks to prepare the herb for vaping. These disks keep mistakes to a minimum, making vaping foolproof. It uses a ceramic-housed quartz crystal heating element to burn clean. Up to three people can partake at once with the Vapir. It’s on the higher end of the vaporizer price list, but it comes with many accessories, including an aluminum grinder. The Vapir uses either a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts 25 minutes per charge or a world-wide adapter. The mini-Vapir Oxygen model holds a charge for one hour, but takes eight to twelve hours to charge. It also has a world-wide adapter.

Vapolution is a more expensive mid-priced vaporizer. It uses a glass heating element for super-clean vaping. It was the first glass on glass vaporizer. It is about the size of a large coffee mug. A charge lasts for two hours, which is how long it takes to recharge.

Vaporizers have hit the street, but even so, they’re not meant to be used while driving or operating heavy machinery. Take your vaporizer with you on vacation, to the keg party in the woods, or down by the river. You can enjoy your favorite blends wherever you go for the cost of a good bubbler.

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